At Beulah Farms, our hens have 100% access to outdoor space. We strive to provide vegetation for our hens at all seasons of the year. The hens do sometimes make this difficult. We have a rotation plan and move the hens to different areas as we prepare vegetation for them. Vegetation is important for hens because they do enjoy eating a certain amount of grass and other leafy plants.

What does Free Range mean at Beulah Farms?

United States Definition of Free Range

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires that egg producers be able to demonstrate that "free range" egg layers have access to the outdoors,[1] though there is no government oversight as to the quality of the external environment, or the amount of time the hen has access to it.[2] Many producers label their eggs as cage-free in addition to, or instead of, free-range. Recently, US egg labels have expanded to include the term "barn-roaming," to more accurately describe the source of those eggs that are laid by hens which can not range freely, but are confined to a barn instead of a more restrictive cage.