Grade AA       

  • less than 10 days from chicken to consumer
  • rarely seen for consumer purchase except at local farmers’ markets
  • shell is clean/unbroken; shape is normal; air cell is very small
  • whites are clear and firm and yolk stands tall

          (suitable for all types of consumption including baking)

Grade   A        

  • over 10 days but less than 45 days from chicken to consumer use
  • shell is clean/unbroken, shape is normal; air cell is small
  • whites are clear and reasonably firm and yolk is firm

          (suitable for all types of consumption including baking)

Grade   B        

  • over 45 days from chicken to consumer use
  • whites are weak/watery and yolk is flattened

          (suitable for baking)       

Expiration dates for eggs as required by the USDA can usually be found on the end of the egg carton.  With proper refrigeration, eggs can be stored and used by the consumer for the above stated times.  As eggs age, whites become thinner and yolks become flatter, especially noticeable when frying eggs.

  • Jumbo                         minimum carton weight of 30 oz
  • Extra Large                  minimum carton weight of 27 oz
  • Large                           minimum carton weight of 24 oz
  • Medium                       minimum carton weight of 21 oz
  • Small                           minimum carton weight of 18 oz

Very fresh eggs will be very difficult to peel. If you are going to hard boil egg, it is best to purchase the eggs and hold them for a couple of weeks before hard boiling. Put a little vinegar in the water when you boil the eggs.

You, the egg consumer, should be familiar with the information you will find on the egg package. Below is the information about egg grades and egg sizes.

Our eggs are distributed in the Atlanta to Chattanooga region. Turnip Truck in Atlanta distributes our eggs to about 75 high-end restaurants in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Our eggs are available at many health food stores and small food retailers. 

In Chattanooga our eggs are available at the Market on the Mountain. 

Rise n Shine Organic Farm has our eggs available to their CSA customers and at Freedom Market in Atlanta. 

​Nature's Garden Express provides our eggs to their customers through their box delivery of local and organic food to your doorstep. This company ships nationwide and delivers in the Atlanta area.