Our hens arrive at our farm on the second day of their life. We pamper them in a warm environment as they grow into strange looking creatures before they become the beautiful hens that roam our pastures.

We used to get our hens at 18 weeks of age. When this group was placed in the house, Ginny attracted a friend. Notice the hen sitting on her back.

At the right you can see Virginia conversing with the girls. She really draws a crowd when she spends time in the pasture with the girls. I believe they understand each other. They may be looking for a bug!

Our girls get up early, have breakfast, lay eggs, and go out to play in their yard. They are free to explore each day when the weather is nice. On rainy days they have to stay in the house and we do hear their complaints.

All of our hens are now Hy-Line Browns. They are a sex-linked hens which means you can tell what their sex is on the day they are hatched. They are small hens, maturing at about 4.5 pounds, laying large brown eggs, and they are very social.

Luckily they only look like this for a few weeks. As they develop feathers and shed their baby fluff they can be rather ugly.

When fully grown, our hens are lovely and very friendly. They enjoy plundering through the grass looking for bugs and worms. Or it may just be a dandelion puff seed that entertains them for several minutes. They lead a happy, carefree life filled with adventure and play.